As a consultancy, Ciderzale offers a wide range of services related to marketing, dissemination and training in the cider sector. Our services are divided into two main areas.


We are experts in developing marketing and communication strategies to give visibility to your brand and generate new sales opportunities. These are some of the services we offer

  • General consultancy
  • Brand strategy
  • Commercialization & internationalization
  • Event design & organization
  • New product development & launch
  • Emerging market analysis
  • Sales strategy
  • Marketing plan:
    • Corporate identity & branding
    • Website design and development
    • Corporate video production
    • General media management
    • Social media management
    • Influencer & content marketing
    • Presstrips, blogtrips & famtrips


We have extensive knowledge about Basque cider and also about the different styles of international ciders. We share our knowledge by organizing commented tastings and pairing sessions. We love to share our expertise.

  • Word Cider Tasting
  • Basque Cider Tasting