My name is Haritz Rodriguez, a.k.a. Ciderzale. I am a journalist, travel blogger at Tokitan and marketing consultant in my own company, Barking Blogs. I love crab apples, especially malus sylvestris. I feel identified with what they represent. They are wild, small and tough. Their roots are deep, and submerge to the very origin of the domestic apple. They have a small production, and often grow at the edges of the land.

Cider has been always in my life. In the Basque Country, going for dinner to a cider house with your friends is a must when you are young. And still is a tradition at least once a year when you are over 30. It’s fun! But drinking cider with my mom in summer is what I like most. She says she is member of the Women Alliance Against Scurvy . I’ll tell you why, someday.

I got into this business some years ago. I’m now marketing and internationalization consultant in the cider industry and tourism fields. Among other things, I’m in charge of the technical secretariat of Ciderlands. Before, I was just a consumer of Basque cider. Suddenly, I discovered a whole universe around the world and I became a cider enthusiast. Global sight from a local point of view. 

That’s how I feel. The future is in our hands.

In this blog you will find thoughts about cider, from the point of view of culture, tourism and marketing, as well as some worldwide cider reviews and my adventures as an amateur cider maker. Yes, I’ve even started to make my own homemade cider. We’ll see where this project ends.

Topa! Yec’hed mat! Sláinte! Skål! Wassail! Prost! Salud!