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I’m interested in fruit wines in general. Mainly those made with apples, flavored or not. But not only. After all, is not grape wine made from fruits? Just want to let you know that I’m not only going to post about ciders. Sometimes wines, sometimes craft beer or even liquors. Topa! ?

This time is about another kind of fruit wine, though. It’s about orange wine. Not only regarding to its color. There is a style of grape wine called orange, that spends time in contact with the grape skin, giving an amber color. It could refer to a sweet wine that is produced in Andalusia, macerated with orange fruit peel. And it could be wine from the Orange region of New South Wales in Australia.

But this time is about Tarongino, an orange fruit wine made by Naranjas Ché in the main and famous orange producer region of Spain: Valencia.

They make it with blood oranges and grapefruit too. I tasted it for the first time some years ago during the Ardoaraba wine fair in Vitoria-Gasteiz. And it was surprising.

It’s a sweet wine, perfect for appetizers or desserts. It can be paired with strong meats such as duck or game meat, as well as cheese. Cheers!

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