WORLD CIDER TOUR is the international cider tasting & pairing pop up event. This journey will begin in Donostia – San Sebastian, the Mecca of gastronomy, with a series of world cider tasting dinners, and will continue the trip with itinerant sessions in different parts of the world and cider/food focused events.

The objective of these sessions is to show the variety and plurality of cider production in the world. The event is going to be addressed to an strategic target audience and wants to educate about different cider styles and varieties. WORD CIDER TOUR aims to elevate cider to the fine beverage category it deserves. For this, several sessions of interactive tastings divided according to the geographical origin of each cider will be organized.

The first sessions will be held in different restaurants in San Sebastian during the summer 2019 and will end in a final event that will take place in the framework of the Sagardo Forum international cider conference in November. In each of the sessions, about 25 attendees will enjoy several ciders from different producers, paired with specifically designed international dishes.

Each session will consist of a commented tasting, in which Haritz Rodriguez Ciderzale will explain all the ciders through a slide presentation that will be projected during the dinner. The presentation will revolve around the historical and cultural context of each cider, the people in charge of its production, the methods used, the varieties of apples, the different styles and the tasting notes. Attendees will evaluate both the cider and the pairing, and will receive printed information about the producer.