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Galicia is making great efforts to recover the culture of cider. From small cideries to large companies, they are producing cider again. Although cider making almost disappeared in the past decades, they kept growing cider apples and supplying other producers such as Asturias and Basque Country.

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In the last few weeks I have been a bit inactive on social media. Not only for the vacation days that I have taken with my family, something that I desperately needed. Also because I’ve been very busy at work.

Relax and enjoy!

During the lockdown and also afterwards, I have been working on various projects. On the one hand, I have been advising on the marketing and design of several new cider products, which I will talk about later. But today I want to tell you about the new online beverage store that we’ve just launched together with my partners and a technical team.

It is called Zukue and you will find more than 150 references of craft, local and world beers, about 70 wines (including organic & natural) and a few international ciders. At the moment, we only operate in Spain.

Brnging cider to craft beer and wne consumers.

The cider market in the Basque Country and Spain is still highly focused on local products and limited by consumer habits. When it comes to introducing international cider, it’s still an immature market, although growing and unexplored.

However, I firmly believe in the growth of my favorite drink, and through Zukue we want to probe the market and increase the cider catalog little by little promoting its expansion. It’s not an easy challenge, but I believe that doing it together with other popular drinks can help bring cider to the market.

At Zukue we want to raise the cider category to the same level as craft beer and quality wines, giving it visibility in the eyes of more established booze lovers. It won’t be an easy job, because the internet is a very aggressive market. I am clear that it is going to be a long-distance race, and I hope that by applying the knowledge acquired in recent years we will reach the goal.

I take this opportunity to thank all those who have collaborated in this project, and I hope to continue working with all of them to face this exciting adventure. Surprisingly or not, the first two orders have been international ciders.

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Once again, Basque cider houses will begin the txotx season, a phenomenon that currently brings together about one million people every year. In essence, the custom of txotx is none other than to meet and celebrate the arrival of the new season, taste the cider straight from the barrels, enjoy the typical menu and, above all, socialize.

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