Cider is the fastest growing alcoholic beverage in the world. In addition to the traditional cider production areas, new countries and regions are joining the cider revolution, both in Europe and in the rest of the continents, producing our beloved drink. We organize tasting sessions to learn about the revival of cider in the world, making known both traditional styles and new expression ciders. We have two different types of tastings.


We offer the opportunity of getting to know one of the most famous traditional styles in the world, such as Basque cider. The Basque Country is our home and the Basque-style cider is a trend in other countries, besides its “txotx” tradition. However, it is not easy to get traditional Basque cider outside our borders. We take it wherever they want to know it better.


Despite the fact that cider is living a real revolution throughout the world, the market is not yet fully developed and it’s very difficult to get ciders from other countries in the local markets. Thanks to our network of worlwide collaborators, we bring ciders from the 5 continents where there is someone who wants to know better what is going on in other places.