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Let’s go traveling! Cornouaille is the main cider destination of the Finistére region in Brittany. Cidre du Cornualle is the first PDO among French ciders, and they’ve also developed La Route du Cidre (the cider route).

Cidrerie de Rozavern, managed by Jennifer Scouarnec and Nicolas Mazeau and located in the Crozon peninsula, is part of this trail. I was took there by Mark Gleonec, my exceptional Breton host.

They make three types of cider: Finisterrae (sweet-bitter), Soñj (sweet) and Fleur d’Laber (brut), but they also produce juice, Lambig (distilled dry cider aged for 2 years in oak barrels), pommeau (mix between cider, juice and Lambig), vinager and apple confit.

They offer guided tours and cider tastings, and paired dinners are coming soon. The Breton culture is strongly linked to its celtic roots, as well as their cider culture is. Remember that the origin of this people is in Great Britain, mainly in Cornwall and probably Wales. Pen Ar Bed (the Breton name for Finistére) doesn’t mean land’s end. Indeed, it means the beginning.

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