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This is one of my favorite natural ciders in the Basque Country. Zapiain is probably the biggest Basque cider producer and the most technified in recent years, without loosing the craft character. The result is obvious to the eye. Great quality cider with a very high standard.

This magnificent work is in charge of a team in which the young Ion, Mikel and and Egoitz Zapiain stand out, who have taken over from their predecessors, from parents to children.

The passion for cider comes from Migueltxo, one of the first enologists in the world of Basque cider, and Egoitz is one of the main heirs not only of the surname but also of knowledge, reinforced with studies, research and experimentation. Their ice cider has been awarded in many competitions around the world and it’s the result of innovation and diversification.

The family is also in charge of the restaurant, with Roxario’s cod omelet being famous. But they could not assume all the work that this entails, especially in the txotx season, without the help of other workers, as they themselves emphasize.

The cider that accompanies us today is a Euskal Sagardoa from 2017. A fresh natural cider, with no added sulphites, the characteristic acidity of Basque cider and fruity reminiscences like pineapple. An authentic delight, from a batch that obtained the highest analytical and organoleptic score in the PDO and Fraisoro Lab, which makes it worthy of the golden cap that distinguishes premium ciders.

Contrary to what is said, Basque cider is not only for summer. Perfect for pairing with steaming Tolosa Beans in a cold winter day.

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