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Did you know that cider is one of the fastest growing alcoholic beverages in the world? Fermented apple juice lives a true global revolution.

On October 24 an exclusive dinner will be held at Aho Mihi Kantina in Donostia, where attendees will have the opportunity to taste 5 ciders from 4 continents, each paired with one dish: Sxollie Cider (South Africa ??), Bfiver Cider (Brazil ??), Decideret Cider (Denmark ??), Abel Cider (New Zealand ??) & South Hill Cider (United States ??).

During the event, which will begin at 8:30 PM, I will detail the characteristics of each of them and I will tell the story of the producers and the cider houses where they are made.

This is the first of several sessions that I will organize in the following months in the Basque Country, a big opportunity to know more about worldwide ciders. Stay tuned.

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