As a cider producer, you have the opportunity to show your cider to an international strategic audience, and thus contribute to the diffusion of the cider culture to elevate this drink to the category it deserves.

Participating in this initiative will not only contribute to the diffusion of the cider culture, you will also have the opportunity to show your cider and tell your story to a select target audience at a time when cider, especially craft cider, is living a revolution worldwide.

WORLD CIDER TOUR is an exclusive event aimed at a strategic target audience, in which different cider brands will have the opportunity to showcase their product and tell their story in a culinary and cultural context. The profile of those attending the tasting and pairing sessions will be as follows.


  • Sommeliers
  • Restaurant managers & Chef
  • Importers & Distributors
  • Food & beverage journalists
  • Local cider producers


  • Local cider lovers
  • Craft beer lovers
  • Natural wine lovers
  • Real food lovers
  • World cuisine lovers


We do not want to cheat anyone. The sales of your cider will not increase from the morning to the morning by the mere fact of participating in this initiative. But WORLD CIDER TOUR does offer some benefits to the participating brands and can generate opportunities. These are some of the advantages you will get:

  • Dissemination of your brand and your work internationally.
  • Possibility of showcasing your cider to a select target audience.
  • New sales and export opportunities with professional attendees.
  • You will receive a document with the evaluation of all the attendees.
  • Your brand will be featured in the blog and social networks
  • You will contribute to the positioning of cider as the quality drink that is


WORLD CIDER TOUR covers the following geographical cider production areas.

  • Basque ciders of the world
  • Cider from Africa
  • Cider from Asia/Pacific
  • Cider from North America (East)
  • Cider from North America (West)
  • Cider from Central/South America
  • Cider from Europe (South)
  • Cider from Europe (Center/East)
  • Cider from Europe (North/West)
  • Cider from Oceania