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No culture, no tourism, nothing without the product itself. Orchards, apples and… cider! So let’s review the first one. It’s a Basque cider indeed but not traditional natural cider.

Byhur by Astarbe Sagardotegia is a sparkling cider, probably the very first produced in the Basque Country following the champenoise method. A new way of drinking Basque cider made with local apples Astarbe, Mendiola and another selected and secret variety.

The result is a fine bubbled super-dry cider with flower flavors and the classic acid notes, I would say, perfect for pairing with exquisite food. The juice is fermented in traditional wood barrels.

There are two versions. Byhur and Byhur 24, referring to the author’s name Hur Astarbe. After the alcoholic and malolactic fermentation the cider is bottled for maturation 12 or 24 months before uncorking. A pioneer Basque premium cider.

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