Cider Culture


Cider has been always in my life. Since I was a kid. In the Basque Country, going for dinner to a cider house with your friends is a must when you are a teenager. And still is a tradition at least once a year when you are over 30. It’s fun. Drinking cider with my mom in summer is what I like most, though. She says she is part of the Women Alliance Against Scurvy . I’ll tell you why, someday.

I got into this business 4 years ago. I’m now marketing and internationalization consultant for the Basque Cider Land. Among other things…

Before, I was just a simple consumer. A Basque cider consumer, indeed. Suddenly, I discovered a whole universe of ciders around the world. Now, I have become a worldwide cider enthusiast.

So I’ve decided to start posting some pics I’ve been taking during the last years. Sagardoa means cider, sagardozale means ciderlover. Global sight from a local point of view. Hope you like it.

Topa! Yec’hed mat! Sláinte! Skål! Wassail! Prost! Salud! Saúde! A votre santé! Cheers!

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