Cider Houses, Cider Making


When I first heard about Hawkes I found this London based cider house really interesting. I haven’t tasted their ciders yet (I will soon) but I loved they urban orchard and apple crowdfunding philosophy.

Today I’ve met Roberto, head cider maker at Hawkes. We’ve spent a nice time in the Basque Cider Land and the Sagardoetxea cider museum and txotx taproom. Tomorrow we will be visiting Zapiain and Gurutzeta cider houses.

By the way, we have been measuring some wooden barrels. Just to see how big they are. About 15K liters the largest one. Let’s see if we can bring a bit of the Basque cider soul to England.

Thanks Elena and Roberto for your kind visit and presents. I love my new cider outfit! ?

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