Cider Reviews


Galicia has had a long cider tradition throughout history, although this culture has been almost lost in the past century. The first known written mention of cider is documented in the Monastery of Sobrado dos Monxes dating back to the year 950.

However, Galicia is still the largest cider-apple producer region of Spain, often exported to other cider making areas like Asturias or the Basque Country.

Galicia is nowadays living a cider renaissance, with new born cider houses working to recover their ancient cider culture. One of the best examples is Sidra Ribela, whose owner Jesús Armenteros I had the pleasure to met in 2017.

They produce different types, but their most known product is the natural organic, an Asturias-like fresh and fruity cider made with the heritage apple variety Rabiosa, among others.

They’ve also produced a small batch of Maceiras Vellas (meaning ancient apple trees in Galician), a Breton style sweet sparkling cider made from the oldest apple trees (up to 60 years) of the municipality of A Estrada.

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