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Some Basque cider houses have diversified their production and started to elaborate new products beyond the traditional natural cider. Sparkling cider is one of those products.

In my family it’s usual to toast in the New Year with a glass of champagne, cava or sparkling txakoli. But this year I wanted to bring Basque sparkling ciders to the table.

One of them is Ama, a beautiful name meaning mother in Basque, in honor of all the women who have given birth to us.

Ama is a sparkling cider by Oiharte Sagardotegia made from natural cider by second fermentation in bottle.

The aroma and acidity of the traditional cider stand out, drier due to the second fermentation and with fine bubbles that give it a great freshness.

In next posts I will continue reviewing the sparkling cider that we have tasted this Christmas, since we have drunk a few bottles already. ?

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