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The last days have been, as every year, a combination of work and celebration. A fragile balance.

January is once again full of work, with the opening of the txotx season in the Basque Ciderland and the celebration of the International Tourism Fair FITUR in Madrid.

We keep working on various projects such as Gastromuseums, The Butter Valley, and the International Network of Cider Culture & Tourism Destinations, among many others. Without forgetting the bottling of my first homemade craft cider, of course.

This old two-axis electric press is kept in perfect working order together with a nineteenth-century crusher in the Gartziategi cider house, where the official event of the opening of cider season in the Basque Country will be held.

Coincidentally, my son Luka was born on such a day just one year ago. Double reason to celebrate. Txotx!

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