Cider Making


As a beginner in the amateur cider making world, I am already facing my first problem. Yesterday I went to a cider house to get some fresh apple juice and once I filled up two jugs I put the stoppers on them. But, unfortunately, I pressed one too much and it went inside through the neck of the carboy.

I’ve tried to take it out using different tools but nothing worked and actually I’ve moved the stopper deeper.

The thing is that I have to transfer the juice to the primary fermentation bucket. So I think I have two options. I can try again to take the stopper out and, in case it goes definitely in, try to figure out how to take it out. Perhaps cutting the stopper once it’s inside, something that doesn’t seem easy.

The other option is leaving the stopper as it is and beg for the fermentation to do its job, pushing the stopper out. Houston, I have a problem.

Could you help me ?

PS: Finally I solved it with a corkscrew. Sometimes, the apparent big problems have the easiest solution.

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