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“Sidra” (in Spanish) or “Sagardoa” (in Basque) generates more and more interest outside our borders, especially the type called “natural cider”. A few weeks ago Jane Peyton (aka School of Booze) asked me if there is a legal definition of minimum juice content for cider in Spain. Well, the answer is a bit more complicated than it may seem, so I’ve decided to write a post with some information I shared with her.

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Ice ciders were first created in Quebec by accident back in the 1980s. With the arrival of frost, apples that still remain in the tree freeze and sugars concentrate. When pressed, a juice with a greater alcohol potential is obtained. Today, this process can be artificially forced, either by freezing apples or the juice itself.

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The annual general meeting of the international cider tourism and culture network Ciderlands was held in Herefordshire from October 10 to 13. This event was attended by international delegates from 15 countries and regions as well as a large group of cider communicators, producers and enthusiasts that we could define as the champions league of cider influencers, both in the physical and digital world. An event of this nature generates a great qualitative and quantitative impact in terms of the dissemination of a destination. And as some data can be measured, we have decided to carry out a study on the scope it had on Twitter. This are the numbers.

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Last Thursday we celebrated a dinner paired with ciders from four continents at Aho-Mihi restaurant. A unique opportunity to taste ciders from Abel (New Zealand), Sxollie (South Africa), BFiver (Brazil) and Decideret (Denmark), as well as a pommeau from South Hill (United States). All made with 100% fresh pressed apple or pear juice. The work of the kitchen team was amazing, with dishes designed specifically for each cider.

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