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Did you know that cider is one of the fastest growing alcoholic beverages in the world? Fermented apple juice lives a true global revolution.

On October 24 an exclusive dinner will be held at Aho Mihi Kantina in Donostia, where attendees will have the opportunity to taste 5 ciders from 4 continents, each paired with one dish: Sxollie Cider (South Africa ??), Bfiver Cider (Brazil ??), Decideret Cider (Denmark ??), Abel Cider (New Zealand ??) & South Hill Cider (United States ??).

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Cider Culture


The Basque Country has a network of 7 museums related to food and beverages called Gastromuseums. This interpretation centers help to contextualize the country’s wide gastronomic tradition and promote knowledge about the roots in which it’s based, beyond the mere fact of eating and drinking. They are a basic pillar of the tourist offer related to gastronomy for which the Basque Country is widely known.

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Cider Reviews


My father doesn’t like cider. Well, to be honest, he doesn’t like natural cider. And he doesn’t know much more, maybe some English or Irish comercial sweetened watery cider. ? He walks on the wine side of life. Red, rose or white. Sparkling or still. But wine.

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Hvalur is our very first homemade batch of cider, a tribute to the Basque sailors who traveled to remote destinations in the 16th century. It’s made with fresh apple juice pressed in a cider house in Astigarraga, wild fermented and matured for 2 months before bottling. It’s the only Basque style cider that we have crafted so far. 

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