Cider Marketing, Cider Pairing


Real ciders pair really well with real food. I believe that the development and promotion of cider culture is strongly linked to the foodie and craft movement.

Real bakeries, real breweries, real groceries, real restaurants and real cider houses all connected to local and seasonal products. So I’ll be sometimes posting about food and pairing too.

I’ve paired different kinds of cider with different dishes like fish, vegetables or meat. But what about cheese? Don’t you think cider with cheese is the perfect combination?

In the Basque Country there are 3 different cheese PDOs: The one in the picture is Idiazabal Cheese, but you can also find Ossau-Iraty Cheese and Roncal Cheese. It’s usual to pair cider with any of them.

What’s the perfect pairing for you?

This picture was taken for the promotion of an experience by the Basque Ciderland that combines the visit to Sagardoetxea Museum and to the craft cheese factory Adarrazpi.

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