WORLD CIDER TOUR is an itinerant pop-up event that will begin its journey in the Basque Country. But the itinerary does not end here. After the first edition, new sessions will be held in other destinations and events related to cider and gastronomy. The sessions will be adapted to the needs of each destination or event, always keeping the same outline and story.

WORLD CIDER TOUR will be held in places where there is a market opportunity for cider. In this sense, the sessions will always be held in a context related to gastronomy and quality drinks. Some of these markets are traditional production areas, where the audience has a certain social attachment to cider. In the other hand, there are places where cider is not traditional, but its consumption and production are a trend in this moment.

If you are interested in organizing a WORLD CIDER TOUR event, do not hesitate to get in touch with us and wi will s end you further information and conditions for co-organizers: