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Three sisters are in charge of the Zelaia cider house in Hernani (Basque Country). Her names are Oihana, Jaione and Maialen.

The adventures of Zelaia begun in 1906, when the great-grandfather Jose Antonio decided to start making cider in his farmhouse, for his own consumption and for friends.

A few years later, in 1945, his son Joaquín decided to devote himself to the apple and cider and in the 80s he incorporated his son Jose Antonio, father of the current owners, who made important investments. Since then Zelaia has been adapting to the new times, until in 2013 the three daughters took the reins of the cider house.

All the production of Zelaia is composed of natural cider, with about 300k liters per year. These ciders are marketed under the Euskal Sagardoa PDO and the Gorenak label.

Zelaia produces high quality natural cider, fresh and fruity. Much of the production is made with local apples, such as those from their orchard in Navarre, where they have more than 4000 apple trees of the Txalaka, Urtebi txiki and Urtebi haundi varieties.

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