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As announced yesterday, I’ve just launched a new cider blog where I will replicate some of the posts that I write in Instagram, as well as others that don’t fit in there.

Cider apples, cider books, cider reviews, cider houses, cider culture, cider tourism, cider making, cider marketing and cider pairing are the main topics of this cider blog based in the Basque Country.

Together with the posts, you will find some info about me and my company, our cider marketing services and our cider lab, where I am experimenting with making cider in the most natural way possible.

This picture was taken in the Oialume Zarcider house, where they have a mural with a variation of Michaelangelo’s Creation of Adam, from the point of view of cider. I love it, and I’ve used it as header of the website. The original is in the Sistine Chapel of the Vatican City.

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