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Last weekend has been fun. After several weeks fermenting my first apple juice, which I got from a friendly Basque cider house, I racked it to carboys and left it settle.

A few weeks ago I picked up some apples in The Butter Valley of Soria. And since I had two empty primary fermentation buckets, it was time to move to the next level. Pick up, smash, crush and press. The whole cycle, from the orchard to the bottle.

After a few days ripening, I studied different possibilities to squeeze the apples, including a few crabs. I finally decided to ask for help to the Sagardoetxea Museum, where they kindly prepared everything I needed to work. In the old way.

The result is about 10 liters of fresh juice in two different blends that I have already put to ferment and from which my second batch of homemade craft cider will hopefully come out. I’m excited. This is addictive!

PS: Thanks for the help Ainize!

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