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If sagardoa (sagar/apple+ardoa/wine) means cider in Basque, udardoa means perry (udarea/pear+ardoa/wine). Some years ago I didn’t even know that perry existed, neither I had heard about the wide tradition it has in England, Wales and other countries like Austria.

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I admit it. I like unique things, exclusive ones, those that have a story behind. And when someone gives me something that they have done, picked up, or written with their hands, I enjoy a million times more. It does not matter if they are fresh tomatoes, a kilo of anchovies, a piece of cheese or a bottle of cider. It’s about knowing who is behind what you consume.

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I’m interested in fruit wines in general. Mainly those made with apples, flavored or not. But not only. After all, is not grape wine made from fruits? Just want to let you know that I’m not only going to post about ciders. Sometimes wines, sometimes craft beer or even liquors. Topa! 🍻

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